So naive...
...So perv. Or so it seems. Only two people in the manga world (as far as I know) can be so naturally naive and perverted ( even if in two different ways) in the same time.
One is Senrou Chigusa. His way of acting towards Rakan is sometimes really naive. He tends to find logical reasons to his tendency to hugh and hold the boy. Of course, if you're travelling through a desert that became icy cold in the night, you need a blanket, the warmer the better. More than the better if said blanket can protect you during the night allowing you a safe sleep and sweet dreams.
Chigusa is also a man almost without feelings, and while he ragains his ability to feel he also develops strong protective (and a little perv) feelings for Rakan. But he never lies a finger on the boy without his agreement and the people that keep saying he is a pervert are only envious of his special relatinoship with Rakan. That's the truth!
Chigusa         the-prince        kinrey
Chigusa in a typical attitude   The Prince without the usual aureola      Kinrei

The other one: The Prince (we don't know his name if he ever has one).
You can say, and everybody actually say, that he is a very bad guy with a perverted will to purposely destroy the world in which he himself lives. Surely he's not a cute little good boy. But if you look well you can see that he is basically ensuring his own nourishment source. He doesn't understand men and their society and doesn't want to. He just uses his power and his charme to ensure his livelihood. At the end he's not a man but a being that live of the vital energy drawn by men, plants and other living being. The one who is scheming something less plain, is Kinrei and the real bad ass here it's him.
The Prince shows all of his "naivety" when Kinrei drops the mask and shows to him his power thrist. So the "poor" Prince, that at the end is just an evoluted specimen of ayame demon, found himself caught and in the need to start to think as a human or, you can say, learn to  fool others for a different reason than food.
So he shows a good bit of reasoning and problem solving capacity. Startling also his ex-comrade Kinrey that in the meantime discovers that, using The Prince powers for his own goals, was not the only reason for him staying by prince's side.

The Oneesama (Big sister) everyone would love to have (Narushige from Silver Diamond)
My sweet beautifull Big sister (or brother?)

Amazingly beautiful and refined but absolutely loyal.  You are her first thought when she wake up in the morning and the last when she fall asleep at night. Her name is Narushige (Actually "she" is a "he" but It doesn't matter, does it?)
narushige3  ( here with his favourite and in many way useful pet) narushige2
Despite her own value she'll always promote yours.
Caring, sweet, thoughtful, she helps you without let you know it.
She loves play with you to " how to make food" or be your "attentive listening partner" when you decide to express and discuss your own doubts.
But she worries terribly for the safety of both your heart and body so doesn't hesitate to draw a sword to protect you from some perverted people ( especially this guy)chigusa.
She always spoils you and kicks him, someone would call her paranoid or excessive.
Anyway you'll enjoy your time with your dear friends under her loveful  look

Actually, maybe, Narushige san is not so paranoid about the dubious influence of some people, out there...


Ora è tutto chiaro ( Everything is clear now)
Seishiro explains himself
Seishiro explaininghimself

Seishiro (English) : At the end I'm the Sakurazukamori.
As to say ; What else there's to say? If you don't know it's your fault.
Sakurazukamori is almost a brand at the end...

Come dire: Che altro c'è da dire? Se non lo sai è un problema tuo.

This man give me the chill, how the CLAMP could have created a such essence of darkness?

The Extra bad guy : Seishiro Sakurazuka
Maybe "bad" is not the correct definition of this guy mind and heart ( what? he has an heart?).
Emotionless would be a better definiton. He kills, wounds, smokes, talks and so on without you could guess what he's feeling ( if he feels anything). He beats just for a micro bit of ash the other bad bad guy, Kazutaka Muraki. But Muraki is different because he feels a lot, maybe too much (mainly bad feelings but you can't have everything right?).
So we have Seishiro Sakurazuka the most important and only representative of a family of killer onmyouji (this opens speculations about how this family carry on its heredity).
He first appears in Tokyo Babylon and keep appearing in X ( main events) and Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle ( disguised). Maybe he'll appear somewhere again, who knows.
Due to CLAMP hate for their readers, I mean, love for mistery...we don't know If the guy redimed himself in his final meeting with Subaru. Who damn know what he whispered in Subaru ear!? Anyway after a life of heartlessness he was incapable to make Subaru truly hate him. Poor guy. The relationship between Seishiro and Subaru is one of the more complicated and strage ones ( expecially on the Subaru side because Seishiro simply doesn't feel anything.) Left aside Hakuto of course.
The guy is good looking ( remember tastes are tastes) even with a severed eye. I'm not so fond of Clamp chara design in Tokyo Babylon ( I prefer the one in X where a lot of bad guys seem enjoyng wearing glasses ) but I quite like Seichiro. The only person aside Subaru with wich he seems to get along is Fuma. No more to tell about him. Actually he stands out doing almost nothing.

Ah well ,I have to tell the truth: In Tokyo Babylon he totally fooled me, damn you Seishiro!

Seishiro and Subaru


Seishiro with his signature weapon


The TOP of the TOP
This is the top of the top of my favourite manga/anime guys. Actually it's a pairing but I don't mind.
They are the main characters of Koori no mamono no monogatari serie by Sugiura Shiho sensei.
I've totally fell for them ( more for Blood then for Ishuka but well if you ask for Blood, Ishuka is shipped together^^)
Their relationship is something far beyond the concepts of friendship, love or lust (maybe Blood 'd like a little more lust, who knows?...), It's thing of them, between them, impenetrable by others. There's no way to think of one without the other shows up.
Through the mistakes that each of the two do trying to grasp what is love and how far you would go for it, they build and renforce their mutual feelings. Untill they came to be able to sense eachother even if driften apart in different worlds.
There are a lot of wonderfull pictures of this inseparable pair, you have to just look at the manga covers. So chosing one between them was really hard
This is the one that represents better his bound, In my opinion

I also like this cheerfull one

and this( notices that they
hold the sword together)

Now a quest. I've already seen this image on the web and it's seems a scan of the manga. I'ven't yet found it in my bunkos. WHERE the hell is it? Someone can tell me? I WANT to read the text and know what there is before and after...

Actually Blood is pronunced Braddo that is the japanese spelling of the last part of the english ( and only) real name of Blood that is "He who shred the enemy blood" shortened exactly as " Blood"

Konohara Narise: a new addiction is begining?
Maybe I 'm slowly becoming addicted to this novelist... I've just bought another her novel. Being it a two volume novel I guess that a new purchase will be made soon. I've just read Cold Fever and the manga trasposition of The end of youth and I' m calculating how I'd be able to buy more Konohara sensei books. Knowing myself,  and the awfull price I was willing to pay for my beloved Koori bunkos,  when I became adicted to an author or a manga I think It'd be best if I accurately plan the whole thing...

fight with te cat
My cat seems hate Kurenai no tsuki ( from Hakuoki) and/or Shin'ichiro Miki voice. Sorry for her, but I love both them and that song 'll continue to be my ringtones....

Blank Slate - 悪性 by Kanno Aya
Blank Slate or 悪性 ( Evil nature) Is a  two volumes manga really something. After reading the story of Zen/Zero an the people he meet during is wandering life I can 't yet say if I like it. Well the art is very nice and not so obvious. Zen is a tough character with some feminine features, slender, thin, nice face with black eyes.
What the plot was about? For some time ( around the midt of the first volume) I can't guess what the plot was about...The story is set in an alternate (?) universe and time, there are a lot of contraddictions ( The military are desperatley searching for Zen who freely go and came wherever and whenever he likes). He kills almost every moving being that crosses his way but no one knows how he get the guns and the bullets and stuff like this.
Only in the second part of the second volume a lot of things became a bit clear. There are a lot of changes of scene and shocking revelations but, as the author herself say, everithing is too rushed. And the ending is not and ending at all and don't give a clue about what Zen and everyone else will do in the future.
I'm going to search for other Kanno Aya works as well. And I think I can suggest Blank slat if you don't need a clear endind and you aren't afraid of blood, crazy kids that shot almost everything come neare them.

well at the end I think I liked it...

Silver diamond another little love
After The Ice-cold demon tale (氷の魔物の物語 - koori no mamono no mongatari) in reagard to that I'm still really really looking forward to read the last 10 volumes, I've begun a new Sugiura Shiho sensei title. Silver Diamond. And the magic repeat itself again so I totally fell for it (SD I mean). Now I have two long beloved ( but still long) manga to translate. A lot of japanese exercise, funny, exiting and interesting but also a bit scaring: both the manga long for 24/26 volumes.
Aside this premium manga I've read a bunch of nice, bittersweet oneshot. They came for Acme, Echochi and Spica whose staff have a very good taste especially for this short stories. Maybe in the enxt post...Studing Japanese is draining almost all my energies and english is no my native language...

"koori no mamono no monogatari" monogatari
Un bel giorno tanto tempo fa...avemdo un po' di tempo libero e non sapendo cosa fare, sono andata a dare un'occhiata sul sito di SIH per vedere se per caso ci fosse qualcosa d'interessante da leggere. Avevo appena letto Inuyasha e cercavo un manga che parlasse di demoni e altri spiriti della tradizione giapponese. Mi capita di leggere la trama di questo manga, sembra interessante, ne leggo un capitolo. E non sono per niente soddisfatta: Ishuca, ipotetico personaggio principale, sembra un sciocco a cui sbocciano addirittura fiori in testa quando la sua stupidaggine supera il limite, Blood sembra apatico per un essere un terribilissimo demone senza sangue ne lacrime, la storia prende subito una piega shounen ai (che tale rimarrà e non si schioderà neppure di un millimetro, quindi non fatevi troppe illusioni), il disegno non mi piace. Cassato.
Passa qualche mese e in vacanza mi ritrovo a leggere alcuni volumi del suddetto manga tre giorni leggo gli 8 volumi che avevo portato e una volta tornata a casa leggo tutto quello che trovo disponibile. Ora sono qui che smanio in attesa del prossimo capitolo, ho letto e riletto i sommari, ma niente, devo leggere il manga. Mi sono pure comprata l'edizione bunko originale in giapponese ( spendendo un'enormità in costi di spedizione, il manga in se non costava molto) e ora mi sto attrezzando (leggi studiando il giapponese) per leggermelo. Insomma questa storia che è partita con un mezzo paso falso si sta rivelando una bella avventura.

AH non confondiamoci: Inuyasha è divertente ma Koori no mamono no monogatari E' Koori no mamono no monogatari, tutta un altra cosa sotto molti aspetti. Un manga coi fiocchi che consiglierei anche ai non appassionati di shounen ai e fantasy.


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